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De Hoop Dam

Developing a new approach to RCC materials and mixes

[pull_quote_center]The De Hoop Dam Project is truly a flagship project for the Department of Waters Affairs of South Africa and possibly one of the largest projects for the for seeable future.  Water needs will be addressed in the Limpopo Province and poverty will be greatly reduced.  Lessons learned and technological innovations will change how future projects will be addressed.[/pull_quote_center]

The Olifants River Water Resources Development Project (ORWRDP) consists of the construction of the new De Hoop Dam that is currently underway in the Limpopo Province and the Flag Boshielo Dam that was completed in 2006.

The purpose of the Olifants River Water Resources Develoment Project is mainly to unlock economic potential and improve social development within the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Phase 2A of the project, which is the construction of the new De Hoop Dam, will essentially be the heart of the system providing life to the project as a whole.

The construction of De Hoop Dam commenced in June 2007 and Completion will be in December 2013. Once completed. De Hoop Dam will be one of the largest concrete dams in South Africa in terms of concrete volume with a total of more than 1,1 million m3 of concrete including Immersion Vibrated Roller Compacted Concrete as well as Conventional Vibrated Concrete.

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