Arabian Gulf Oil Company floats tender for construction of control rooms & instrumentation rehabilitation in Libya

Sarir field
AGOCO’s Sarir field, the largest in Libya

Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has called for qualified companies to apply for a tender to construct control rooms & instrumentation rehabilitation at the Beda oil field. AGOCO has already set out the conditions for participation in the tendering process.

Beda is one of the eight oil fields owned by AGOCO, the rest being Sarir, Messla, Naffola and Hammada. The company has operated in exploration of oil and gas in Libya since its formation in 1979. It also owns Tobruk, Malaysia and Sarir.

Companies willing to participate must state the time of execution of the project, when they intend to start and payment terms. They are also required to pay a bid bond value of 0.5% of the total bid value through the local Libyan bank to AGOCO. AGOCO has also provided details of the Sub-Tender committee, which may be contacted by willing participants for more details.

Libya is trying to cover from a loss of US$30bn in revenue following protests at oil fields. Already, there have been cuts in oil productivity, with protesters blocking export terminals and oil fields for close to one year now. A number of oil fields and export terminals have seized operations.

Based in Benghazi, Libya, the Arabian Gulf Oil Company engages in crude oil and natural gas exploration, production and refining.


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