EU grants Kenya US$592m for decongestion of Nairobi

Proposed Outer Ring road
Proposed Outer Ring road expansion

The European Union has granted Kenya US$592m for the decongestion of Nairobi. The signed agreement is part of a seven year development spending strategy for Kenya. Latest plans are to build 2,000 km of new or improved roads.

The funds will be used to expand Nairobi’s transport infrastructure among other sectors. The EU’s ambassador to Kenya, Lodewijk Brie said that the European Union will work with the Kenyan government to address some of the challenges that it is facing which will include boosting infrastructure and food production particularly in the arid areas, over the next seven years.

Kenya’s development strategy is built on four pillars aiming to strengthen economic growth, to develop physical infrastructure, to improve governance and to invest in human capital. This additional support to the Kenyan government by the EU will enhance capacity building for public policy institutions, improving governance and strengthening non-state actors as well as creating a favorable climate to support private sector development and export-led growth.

The EU is set to support future projects in the transport infrastructure sector which includes funding of a 27km road links, footpaths and cycle ways in Nairobi city.


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