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There is a high need to treat large bodies of water without disturbing the ecosystem. That calls for technology that will not release toxins and is safe for plants, fish and insects while monitoring the water quality parameters in-situ.

In order to provide an environmentally friendly and chemical-free solution to control algae, LG Soundrecently developed the MPC-Buoy which combines continuous online water quality monitoring, telemetering and ultrasound technology.

Furthermore, we noticed that our customers want a solution that requires low maintenance, that’s why we use solar panels for autonomous power supply, an integrated wiper to prevent fouling, and remote control to prevent frequent site visits.

Within ten minutes, the MPC-Buoy will have collected parameters in the following areas; Chlorophyll α (green algae); Phycocyanin (blue-green algae); pH; Turbidity; Dissolved oxygen; Temperature and the data is delivered for analysis through GPRS or 3G. An algae bloom is predicted using appropriate web-based software. Ultrasound transmitters are used to induce ultrasound pressure depending on information collected, in order to control algae and cyanobacteria. Ultrasound pressure disturbs the buoyancy of the cyanobacteria, causing them to sink to the bottom and die.

LG Sound offers products worldwide. Over 10.000 products have been installed in 52 different countries (e.g. Chili, Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, UK, and USA).

At the moment, the company has installations in Africa, mainly in the agricultural market. Currently, especially in Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania, the LG Sound equipment is being used to keep irrigation basins free form algae.

LG Sound is also participating in projects in Egypt (sharm el sheikh) for Crystal Lagoons. At the moment Crystal Lagoon is building the largest swimming pool in the world in Sharm el Sheikh. LG Sound’s algae control devices (LG Sound e-line) are incorporated in the design in order to prevent the growth of black algae and reduce the chlorine treatment, which makes the water healthier for swimming.

The company seeks to meet the needs in South African water sector through the Center of Expertise (CoE) using the Dutch innovations/technology.

Anne Gierveld
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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