Zambia Set to Construct New Railway Lines

One of Zambia’s Railway Lines

The Zambian government has announced its plans to construct five railway lines in the next three years. These three lines will enable the country ease transportation of bulky goods across due to the presence of various industries such as agriculture, mining and energy.

The government noted that the new railway lines will act as a link between the mining sector of the country and other African countries. This will in turn boost the infrastructure of the country.

There will be one link from Chingola to Angola, which will be shorter, hence serving as an alternative export route through the Angolan ports.

Construction of the new lines will also serve East Africa thus easing the load off Tazara railway line which connects Zambia to Tanzania. This line has enabled the Zambians to transport their copper and cobalt through to Dar es Salaam for many years.

The President of Zambia Michael Sata noted that such a development will help the country to become a regional business hub, something which will help improve on the economy of the country.

The five new railway lines will be constructed by Zambia Railways.


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