Bluesea Energy Kenya to begin producing 40MW wind power in 2015

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BlueSea Energy is planning to expand its wind power generation capacity by flagship of another wind power plant in Meru, Kenya next year. The company said it hoped to sell power from the wind power plant to the national grid.

This will help the country that majorly relies on geothermal and hydro power. This, again, affirms the continents commitments to venturing into clean energy alternatives. Clean energy alternatives are also preferred because they cut down on carbon emissions.

The project is also expected to help communities learn innovative ways of generating power according to the company sources. The Meru wind power plant will be larger than the Ngong based wind power plant at the outskirts of Nairobi, which produces 6.8 MW. KenGen has, however, said it will expand this facility by 2016 to see it produce 25 MW.

Bluesea Energy announced in 2011 that it would invest a total of $100 million into wind power plants in Meru, Central Kenya, Lambwe valley and Isiolo. Construction of the other two wind power plants is expected to start late next year and their feasibility studies have been completed and financing sought.

Reports indicate that Kenya can produce up to 1,000 MW of wind power. Kenya has also planned to set up a Lake Turkana Wind Power plant that is set for completion in 2019 and will contribute 300 MW to the national grid. Already, $686 million has been secured from a consortium of financiers that includes the African Development Bank.