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Major dam to be constructed on Incomati River in Mozambique

Mozambique is set to get a major dam after President Armando Guebuza laid the first stone for the construction of the dam on Incomati River Maputo Province last Friday.

The president noted that, once complete in five years time, the dam will greatly contribute to the economic activities given that River Incomati passes through the Mozambican plain and across Moamba, Magube, Manhica and Marracuene districts. The river drains into Indian ocean at Macaneta beach.

Water from the new  dam will serve various purposes such as electricity generation (the dam will generate 15MW), domestic use, cultural practices, agriculture where 19000 hectares of land will be irrigated, tourism, fisheries and construction related purposes.

Construction of the new dam will see to it that the Incomati River is regulated, thus preventing devastating floods that occur when there is too much rainfall or during droughts. The 2 million individuals living in the greater Maputo Metropolitan Area will benefit from supply of clean drinking water from this new dam.

When work begins on the dam and even upon completion, up to 18000 direct jobs will be created.

The money to be spent for construction will be taken as a loan from the Bank of Brazil. The country earlier on October this year announced that it would rehabilitate Massingir dam to improve on safety.


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