Angola to host forum on investment in urban infrastructures in Africa

Angola urban infrastructure event

The Ministry of Urbanization and Housing (MINUHA) in Angola and the International IC Events company have co-organized the 2nd Forum on Investment in Urban Infrastructures in Africa, which is taking place on 29-30 April in Talatona Convention Center in Luanda City.

The Forum will focus on development of urban infrastructure in the framework of post conflict reconstruction programs in Africa, Case Study being the New Centralities of Angola.

The 2nd Forum on Investment in Urban Infrastructures in Africa will also focus on use of African and International capitals for infrastructure development. It will seek to identify models for workable ways of getting more finances so that infrastructure projects are more appealing to investors.

Other themes that will be discussed include affordable housing, urban development, funding new development projects in Africa, African cities and energy, among others.

More than 350 delegates from both national and foreign companies are expected to attend with field trips for attendees to the major projects around Luanda.

The 2nd Forum on Investment in Urban Infrastructures in Africa is expected to give the Angolan Government the opportunity to showcase some of its flagship urbanization projects that are in the cities.

The country has initiated, among other infrastructure projects, the new Luanda International Airport located in the municipality of Bengo and Icolo. Two double runway and a terminal are expected.


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