Ghana’s western corridor gas project underway at US$715m

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Phase two of Ghana’s Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Development Project is ongoing well and currently the contractor company Sinopec has begun its front end engineering Design.
According to Sinopec’s Engineering Advisor Mr Mushtaq Kaloo during the 55th anniversary of their company’s activities said the Front end engineering design will help to give the specifications of the project and help the company determine the projects’ costs, its pipeline passage, the capacity it will be able to flow and also the time frame that it will take to be completed.
He also added that the 2nd phase ofGhana’s western corridor gas project is key for the development for it will provide the requisite facilities for the petroleum plant to export Liquefied Petroleum Gas that will be from, Atuabo destination Domunli and that will see easy navigation of the ship that will be able to transport Natural Gas.


Ghana’s western corridor gas project has different stages divided into numbers and the first one will be bringing the gas from Jubilee to Atuabo followed by the installing a processing plant then supply gas to the Aboadze power plant and export LPG having the consolidation of oil using the tankers by road.

He said the next phase of the project will be looking at exporting the LPG and condensates through offshore facilities by a jetty loading and unloading system.
Mr Kaloo said it is important for the phase two project to be implemented as soon as possible since it is vital to the whole project and would present a much safer way of transporting the gas and liquids from the region to Tema.

He said the off-shore jetty system, which would allow for the gas to be transported to Tema via ships is the safest way to transport it compared to the use of road tankers since it remove the possibility of road crashes which may lead to explosions.

As part of the $ 715 million project pre-financed by Sinopec, under commercial loans funded by the China National Development Bank, the company is also currently about 20 per cent into the extension of pipelines (75 kilometres onshore pipeline) from Esiama to Prestea.