Construction of the new Port of Saldanha offshore supply base kicks off

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Construction work on the new Port of Saldanha offshore supply base general maintenance quay owned by Transnet National Ports Authority has officially begun.

Upon completion, the Port of Saldanha offshore supply base wILL provide a base for goods to be received, waste from offshore exploration, production activities and facilities for loading and shipping of equipment, stores, goods, bunkers and drilling fluids.

According to Saldanha Port Manager, Willem Roux, there was still an urge to develop a dedicated facility in Saldanha. Despite the economic challenges, the existing offshore production projects had to be taken care of.

The Port of Saldanha offshore supply base comes in as one of the most important projects that the Port of Saldanha will have improved under Operation Phakisa Initiative by the Government.

This will be the South Africa’s first dedicated and customised facility that will support offshore oil and gas activities. Its commission is expected to be in September 2016.

This will serve various vessels operating in the West and East Coast of Africa and the South African Ports are being called upon to help support in the logistic services.

Construction work on the Port of Saldanha offshore supply base  will involve the infilling of the 80m gap between the two quays, refurbishment of a portion of the quay and increasing the quay by 20m on both sides to a total of 294m.

In addition to this, TNPA appointed a transaction advisor to give a report on best practice, market analysis and different operation activities that can be considered. The advisor appointed will also help in the finalization of proposals for appointment of the operator on OSSB.

Aside from this project, TNPA has two more projects all in the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone and all are expected to be complete in 2 to 3 years. All this will be done as a partnership between the Government, Saldanha Bay IDZ Licensing Company and Southern African Oil and Gas Alliance.