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Egypt’s 1,000 Factory-Project set to kick off

Egypt’s 1,000 Factory project is set to kick off as planned by the Specialized Council for Economic Development.
According to Egypt’s presidents Abdel Fattah El Sisi through his spokes person Alaa Youssef when he was meeting with the members of the Specialized Council for Economic Development over the weekend the project plan is on its final stage and will be launched once complete.
He added that the meeting shaped the final steps of probving the 1000 factory project instracture that will be established in the New cairo.
According to the Presidential Spokesman Alaa Youssef said the project is set to be beneficial to the country as it’s expected to create over 1 million jobs to the the jobless.
President Sisi said the current phase requires the promotion of the private sector’s role along with the State’s role, the spokesman said. The meeting also addressed several problems facing citizens, including garbage, added the spokesman.
Alaa added that the construction of the project will kick off once both parties come into agreement on the funding and time period that will be taken.
The country has been currently improving its infrastructure through launching various constructions projects including the canal project which is almost complete and will be launched in few weeks time.


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