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A new hotel in Rwanda is being constructed by a Japanese firm Noguchi Holdings in a bid to boost tourism in the country. The beach resort is situated in Kagogo division on the coast of Burera and Ruhondo lakes.

Samuel Sembagare, the district mayor of Burera, said that their main aim of constructing a new hotel in Rwanda at the coast of Burera is to increase tourism and make better revenues in the country.

The construction project has already kicked off and is to be completed by December and it will costs over Rwf350 million.

The mayor said they decided to invest in hotel construction because they only have two hotels which are not enough to accommodate the number of tourists visiting the district thus affecting the tourism sector in the district.

The idea of the construction of the hotel in Rwanda was welcomed by the Local residents saying it will create market for their products.

“I expect to sell most of my bamboo products to tourists once this resort is complete,” said Christine Mutuyimana a local resident.

She noted that electricity and roads were being developed around the area a move that is expected to boost business.

She urges all residents around Burera to be more inventive and take advantage of the ongoing projects to improve their business.