Construction of wind power farm in Ghana on track

Construction of wind power farm in Ghana on track

The construction of US$300m first-utility scale wind power farm in Ghana is in good progress. The project construction is being executed by Lekela Power Company.

The renewable energy company is optimistic at sustain the country’s power deficit through delivering the multi-million dollar first hybrid solar and wind-power project which is the biggest project delivered not only in Ghana but in the whole of West Africa.

The wind power farm in Ghana is expected to contribute 5% of the country’s electricity demand via the generation capacity of 225MW of power. However, the project will be constructed in 2 phases as the phase I will initially contribute 150MW of power which will later be increased by 75MW through the phase II of the project.

According to the power company’s CEO Chris Antonopoulos, phase I of the project is expected to be completed by the end of first quarter of 2016, and if the completion schedule is met the power project will commence its operation by the end of 2016.

Presently, 40MW of power generated by solar has already been ordered to be supplied to the project site preferably the hybrid solar power. The power company is collaborating with the Ministry of Power to supply the solar panels.

However, a secured connection through a new transmission sub-station will be constructed between the villages of Sege and Dawa in the Greater Accra Region as it is also the first Connection Agreement to be signed in Ghana for a renewable energy project. The projects site is about 60km east of Accra and very close to a newly-built transmission line that has sufficient capacity to take all the 225MW plus the solar project.

Chief Executive of GRIDCo, William Amuna, says that GRIDCo is in full support for the development and implementation of the first Ghanaian wind-farm as it will help overcome at least part of the current electricity outages.

Ghana’s power-demand has at the moment hit 12% annually. Kwabena Donkor, the Power Minister says that 38% of power generation will come from the Akosombo hydro dam as part of the VRA’s generation mix by the end of this year.

He added that, Ghana greatly needs to diversify its energy resources, given that the renewable power projects construction period is very short. The country is also rich in reasonably good wind; which is advantageous for the wind power projects in the country.


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