Propertuity acquires retail premises in South African city Johannesburg

Propertuity acquires retail premises in South African city Johannesburg

South African property firm Propertuity has acquired four connected retail buildings in Johannesburg.

The buildings situated at 66-72 Pritchard Street will be renamed Chambers of Change, given the intended use of the space by advocates and attorneys.

They were originally named Dunvegan Chambers, The Royalty, Hilson House and Cuthberts Building.

Propertuity’s financial director, Ricky Luntz points out how their achievement in Maboneng district has enhanced continued buying of premises in Johannesburg CBD.

“The success of the precinct has generally shown that urban regeneration is both scalable and necessary, and as such, we will replicate the pattern, which is aimed at retaining the intrinsic nature of the areas while using quality designs, strategic activations and energy to regenerate them,” Luntz added.

With their close proximity to the High Court, the purchased buildings will become new chambers stimulating the return of the legal community to the CBD.

Founder and CEO of Propertuity, Jonathan Liebmann says the chambers of change will contribute significantly to the continued regeneration of this central precinct around the High Court.

He said they expect to house over 200 lawyers and advocates in the building.

The buildings will be restored to their original look, and will make for an excellent place of work while contributing to the redevelopment of the precinct.

Luntz said the chambers will have a community touch to them as a result of all the communal facilities. Boardrooms, rooftop restaurants and spas are all part of the planned development and are aimed at giving the tenants an exclusive experience within the premises.

The spaces are being remodeled to bring an elegant feel to the professionals who are yet to occupy the spaces .Detailed attention to security and the proximity to the courts will make the place a haven to the legal community.

The remodeling of the upper levels is set to begin early next year. Completion for the renovation is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016