Construction of Ethio-Kenya Road almost complete

Construction of Ethio-Kenya Road almost complete

The construction of  Ethio-Kenya Road  linking Kenya to Ethiopia is set to be completed soon; this is according to The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA).

Regional Director for Eastern Africa Resource Centre of the African Development Bank Group, Mr. Gabriel Negatu confirmed the reports and said that the road which covers 121km of Merille-Marsabit and 122km of Turbi-Moyale will have a very significant impact in regional integration and hence boost trade for the benefit of Kenya and Ethiopia once it is complete.

“Once the road is complete, it will have significant impact in regional integration and boost trade for the benefit of both Kenya and Ethiopia with the increase in traffic along the corridor and new trade opportunities in Ethiopia,” said Mr. Negatu.

The road is currently being covered with a layer of tarmac chips to make it more durable; this is according to an engineer involved in the construction,

The new corridor will further improve trade between the two countries, open up the Northern Kenya for more and better trade opportunities and also contribute to an increase in the volume of Ethiopian goods transiting through the Port of Mombasa at the Kenyan Coast.

The project is being funded by the government, Africa Development Bank and the European Union and it will play a key role in integrating Southern Ethiopia with Northern Kenya. The road will also connect landlocked Ethiopia to the Port of Mombasa and support the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) corridor project.

“With the busy road, more businesses such as the banking and hospitality sector have set up and ready to take up every opportunity. Increased traffic and business setting up, security has been enhanced along the Isiolo – Moyale corridor,” he said.

The US$ 136m road is being constructed by Gulsan, a Turkish based company.