Work on Uganda’s Mukono-Katosi road delayed over compensation

Work on Uganda's Mukono-Katosi road delayed over compensation

The top officials involved in the construction of Uganda’s Mukono-Katosi road have blamed the Uganda National Road Authority (Unra) for delaying the construction works.

According to the officials the authority has failed to compensate some of the residents before they can move from their land.

The project engineer Joseph Mbazira said that some of the residents have vowed that they won’t move until they are compensated and there is no way the project can kick off until they vacate from the area.

Mbazira added that they have already done all the preparation to ensure that the project kicks off though they have been hinder out with the residents who have vowed not to move.

Mr Mbazira said the project which started on January, 2015, and is scheduled to be completed in July, 2017 meaning that the original contract period is 911days.

“We thought by this time we would have done 75 per cent of the work but we have only covered 60 per cent. Therefore, we are behind with 15 per cent and this is due to compensation,” he said.

He added that 28 kilometers of the road have fully been completed with the upper surface/final layer.

The project road section is 74.2km of Mukono-Katosi (26.5km) and Kisoga -Nyenga (47.7km) estimated to cost Shs254 billion and the works certified up to date is Shs94 billion representing 36.88 per cent of the project cost according to Mr Mbazira.

The project manager said that they have made communication to the Authority and they hope they will do the necessary to ensure that the project kicks off.

“We want to see the project kick off right on time so that we complete on the set tome frame” he added