Water crisis in Tanzania threatens prevalence

Water crisis in Tanzania threatens prevalence

The water crisis in Tanzania is gradually becoming alarming with a looming cholera epidemic. Ummy Mwalimu, the minister of Health, Community Development, Gender and Elderly warned about its possibility as well as other related waterborne diseases across the country last year in December.

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This sparked concerns about Tanzania’s capability to eradicate it as she had sighted 458 Cholera cases and six deaths reported by then in six regions. By the end of that year, in a report released by the health ministry’s spokesperson had 26 cases reported in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Singida, Morogoro and Katavi.

Nevertheless, inasmuch as measures may be put in place to contain the outbreak and prevent further transmission, if the living conditions of cholera survivors don’t change chances of reverting back grow even higher with each passing day.

Areas with poor sanitation and drainage systems should therefore be looked upon if there is to be difference.

The deplorable of the sewage system and unreliable drainage around the city is said to be a contributing factor to the epidemic. Food and fruit vendors’ poor handling of their businesses from preparing to selling is another contributing factor, despite being advised by the Dar es Salaam County Council to use tables or stalls to reduce the risk.

They were also warned against the selling of peeled or cut fruits without covering them with plastic papers.

Being a difficult disease to spot, the Dar es Salaam City County Director Siporah Liana called upon the Regional Commissioner to issue a statement about the use of plastic bags as a preventive measure.

She also spoke of the importance of public awareness for the purposes of identifying the symptoms on time to keep from unnecessary contractions as well as taking recommended measure to ensure it is contained.


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