Bid opened for the construction of Aqaqi-Qality stadium in Ethiopia

A bid has been opened by the Addis Abeba Youth & Sport Bureau for the construction of a Aqaqi-Qality stadium in Ethiopia.

This is the second time that the project has been floated for bids. The first bid was in 2013 was cancelled where the local construction company Tekleberhan Ambaye came out on top with an offer of US$ 57m.

The stadium is projected to sit on an 18-24ha piece of land and will be funded by the City administration. It will have a capacity of 50,000 seats, doubling that of the Youth & Sport Bureau’s five planned zonal stadiums, one of which will start construction this year.

Berhanu Bayu,Addis Abeba Youth & Sport Bureau marketing officer, confirmed the reports and said that the new stadium will help in giving Ethiopia a chance of hosting the CAF having a high quality of infrastructure.

“The construction of this stadium will help give Ethiopia a chance to host the CAF, with high quality of infrastructure for stadium building,” said Berhanu Bayu.

Aqaqi-Qality stadium will be uniquely designed by YOHANNES ABBAY Consulting Architects and Engineers and have outdoor shops, six elevators, a meeting hall, and facilities for disabled people.

This news comes after the planning of the construction of five other stadiums located in Yeka , Nifas Silk, Lafto, Gullele and Aqaqe-Quality districts.

YOHANNES ABBAY Consulting Architects and Engineers is a category consulting firm which has incorporated Architects, Engineers, Construction Management Specialists, Surveyors, Data Collectors and Encoders, Draftsmen, Environmentalists, and other experienced professionals from several disciplines that has provided to the firm an integrated and diversified resource enabling it to adopt your project requirements from the start, analyzing and developing solutions to those requirements efficiently.


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