Abuja Housing Show to focus on Africa’s housing challenge

Abuja Housing Show to focus on Africa’s housing challenge

This year, housing sector stakeholders, including government officials, private sector operators, construction industry professionals, media practitioners, local and international trade exhibitors will gather for the 11th edition of the annual Abuja Housing Show (AHS).

The event’s focus will be on Africa’s housing challenge while discussions will centre on finding solutions to this challenge.

The show has been put down for for the middle of July this year and, according to its organizers, Fesadeb Media Group, it will also focus on the housing and construction industry and her multi-disciplinary sister industries. This will be with the aim of creating a synergy of ideas for the furthering of industry growth in Africa and the world in general.

This year’s theme, “Solving Africa’s Housing Challenge Through Innovative Financing and Infrastructure Solutions”, aims to combine with the previous editions.

This is to cater for participants’ demands for a holistic approach to tackling the housing deficit as well as the expansion of access to housing for all.The conveners thus make an effort to deliver on the same.

Festus Adebayo, Fesadeb Media Group’s CEO in a statement spoke of the huge housing deficit which sees Nigerian tenants spending a minimum average of 60% of their income on paying house rent as a a big challenge underlying the objectives of this year’s edition.

According to Adebayo, this year’s event aims to increase conversation on innovative finance solutions for access to affordable housing as well as create infrastructure solutions to reduce building costs across Africa.

There are also plans in motion to connect international and local industry participants with market opportunities via access to realtors and aspiring home owners with a view to boost exposure of building products from manufacturers within the sector.

All this will be made possible through information dissemination for the understanding of government policies on development.


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