How to register with Construction Industries Federation of Namibia

Construction Industries Federation of Namibia
Construction Industries Federation of Namibia

The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) is the national voice of Namibia’s construction industry.

To become a member of the CIF please download the application form from their site

Once  your application has been received, it will be submitted at their once a month Executive Committee meeting. Approved members will be contacted during the week after the meeting.

Founded in 1952 under the name Master Builders Association and registered in 1993 as the CIF, it has for more than 60 years played a major role in contributing to the economic prosperity of the nation by providing the skills and infrastructure required to build a prosperous and competitive environment.

The infrastructure that serves our country, the roads we travel on, the homes we live in, the buildings we work in and the schools our children attend are all products of this industry’s work.

CIF members are involved in this very diverse industry. They construct industrial, commercial, civil, institutional and residential work.

These firms include multi-national building and civil contractors though the bulk consists of smaller contractors and SME’s. Members also include the retail and wholesale building material trade along with many other manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and equipment, which serve this sector.

It represents specialist trades such as electricians, joiners, plumbers, painters, and Steelworkers, among others.

The CIF is an autonomous, non-governmental and political organization. An Executive Committee comprised of volunteer members elected at the Federation’s annual general meeting governs CIF. The committee is elected from a variety of construction-related sectors, thereby enabling the Federation to speak authoritatively on behalf of all its members.

Types of Memberships
The CIF offers the following main categories of membership: contractors; trade members, which includes suppliers to the industry; as well as affiliated members and for support up and coming contractors, an SME category.

New Membership Fees
The membership fee is relative to the annual turnover of the company applying for membership. The annual fee for SME’s is kept deliberately low at N$1032 per annum, on the condition that an SME Registration Certificate issued by the Namibian Ministry of Trade and Industry is provided. The membership fees were reviewed in June 2017 and are as follows:

PLEASE NOTE: These rates are effective as from 1 July 2017

Category Turnover N$ Fee N$ (excl. VAT)
A >200 million 31,094.00
B ≥100 – <200 mill 23,320.00
C ≥50 – <100 mill 16,842.00
D ≥20 – <50 mill 11,659.00
E ≥10 – <20 mill 7,773.00
F ≥5 – <10 mill 5,181.00
G ≥2 – <5 mill 3,238.00
H 50 million 12,955.00
B ≥20 – <50 mill 7,773.00
C ≥10 – <20 mill 4,665.00
D ≥5 – <10 mill 2,326.00
E <5 million 1,032.00

(Copy of SME Registration Certificate from MTI must be submitted)