Construction of Buea University Referral Hospital in Cameroon moving slowly

Construction of the US $28m Buea University Referral Hospital in Cameroon is moving at a very slow pace; the Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda has confirmed .

According to the Ministry, construction begun on 2 May, 2017 and is only 6% complete with completion date set for November this year. The government intends to use it as a Teaching Hospital as well as to serve the African Cup of Nations planned for Cameroon in 2019.

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The Minister, visited the worksite recently and noted that the project which is set to be finished and delivered by the end of 2018 is dragging with different setbacks such as lack of water and electricity supplies.

As a Civil Engineer himself, Minister Fouda instructed the construction company to add personnel, engage a non-stop working scheme and drill a bore-hole for sufficient water supply. The Minister explained that the Buea Referral Hospital will be useful during the up-coming 2019 Africa Cup of Nations billed for Cameroon.

Though construction has delayed, the enterprise has promised to mobilize more intensively and to employ 250 workers to double their staff-strength and improve on work pace.

The whole project including the referral hospital costs a whopping US $280m and out of it, US $56m is for two General hospitals and US$ 22m for eight Hospital centres in eight Regions of Cameroon. This gives an average of US $28m per project.


  1. In order for the construction to progress according to the schedule and without delays, it is necessary to regularly and strictly control the implementation of each stage of construction work.


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