JA Solar supplies half-cell modules for solar plant in Namibia

JA Solar Supplies Half-Cell Modules for solar plant in Namibia

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: JASO) supplied 6.5MW half-cell modules for a solar plant in Namibia, Africa. This plant marks the first half-cell modules project in Namibia and represents JA Solar’s first application of half-cell modules in utility scale projects.

Located in Namibia, the project is co-developed by renowned German developer SunEQ GmbH, a sister company of the renewable energy consulting firm Suntrace GmbH, and leading new energy solution supplier GILDEMEISTER energy solutions.

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions are also responsible for the construction of the project. Due to the high temperature and high ultraviolet condition in Namibia, this project has very stringent requirements on the reliability of PV modules. For this project, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions selected JA Solar’s high performance 72-cells half-cell module to ensure a stable and steady electricity generation.

JA Solar’s half-cell modules

Compared with conventional modules, JA Solar’s half-cell modules optimize interconnection technology, reduce resistance loss, and boost current flow by increasing gaps between cells, resulting in an effective increase in power output. Additionally, JA Solar’s half-cell module has a better temperature coefficient, which leads to significant output power advantages under high temperature.

Through the optimization of BOM, the ability of resist ultraviolet radiation has also been enhanced. As a result, JA Solar’s half-cell modules have the ability to perform well in a high-temperature, high-ultraviolet environment.

Mr. Cao Bo, Vice president of JA Solar commented, “As the world’s leading PV module manufacturer, we remain focused on technological innovation and product quality to meet our diversified customer needs and to contribute in solving global energy problems.”


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