Egypt to construct an institution for training workers


Egypt has taken into regards a proposal by the China State Construction Engineering Cooperation (CSEC), one of the leading construction companies in the whole world, to construct and run a training academy for Egyptian construction workers to learn the up to date and other advanced systems and techniques in their industry.

The institution will sit on a 20.16 hectares of land in the country’s New Administrative Capital alongside other major institutions and organizations. The land was allocated by New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) which is a government agency, based in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt. It offers urban infrastructure development services including construction of housing units and roads.

“The academy seeks to provide professional workers to meet the urgent demands and needs in the projects run at the new capital,” said NUCA.

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Property ownership

Construction works began in 2018 and is expected to be finished within 3.5 years at maximum The academy will be run by the CSCEC for seven years, after which ownership and equipment of the academy will be transferred to the NUCA.

The CSCEC has been carrying out the construction of the central business district in Egypt’s new capital, some 50 km east of the capital Cairo. The company also undertakes business in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, covering  investment and development (real estate, construction financing and operation), engineering construction (housing and infrastructure) as well as engineering investigation and design (green construction, energy conservation and environmental protection, and e-commerce).


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