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STANDART Insulation and Building Materials Inc

STANDART Insulation and Building Materials Inc. was established in 2001, İstanbul-Silivri;  to manufacture polymer bitumen based waterproofing membranes, bitumen based roof membranes with its quality understanding.

Product Range

The company produce bituminous and synthetic membranes such as PVC, TPO, HDPE, LDPE, and ECB. In the first year of establishment, they started with Penguen (-5 °C), Panda(-10°C), Fok (-20°C) series of waterproofing membranes using polymer bitumen which can be adaptable to different climate conditions. Later, they added to their product range all types of bituminous membranes known in the market (mineral coated, aluminium foil coated, sand coated, root resistant etc.)

Following the experience they had in the market, STANDART started producing Shingle with APP additive by the brand name of Sim shingle. They also developed and launched 5 types of innovative bituminous membranes. These are the products which were previously unknown in the market and patented by Standart Insulation.

At the same period, the company started producing self-adhesive bituminous tapes and self-adhesive bituminous membranes in Simself brand. They have further enriched their product range with miscellaneous items such as bitumen emulsion, liquid membranes, bitumen based roofing membranes, insulation protector sheets (drainage sheets) and waterproofing additional products. In 2011, entered into the synthetic membrane market with a new brand Simplan.

Quality Policy

They give importance to products and production quality. Their products have the quality certifications for TSE, CE, DIN,Broof, etc. Besides, Standart Insulation inc pays attention to service, establishment, and work standards with ISO 9001-2000 quality management system.

Standart is striving for the aim of becoming a market leader in the waterproofing sector by believing and achieving the following criteria:

-Offering alternative solutions as the main principles of quality and success consist of combination of right project, right infrastructure, right products and proper application.
-Aiming to increase our manufacture and service quality permanently with using state of the art technology.

-Striving for the utmost satisfaction of our clients by contributing to the qualifications and skills of our staff with educational programs.
-Developing a permanent quality management system within our company,
-Being always sensitive to the environment and the community.

Worldwide Distributors

They work within the full spectrum of insulation businesses across 5 continents. In the domestic market it is company’s principal to sell the products through distributor companies and dealers. They also have branches in Aegean, Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolian (Adana), and Central Anatolian (Ankara) regions.

The company export to numerous companies in four continents. They are competitive in the market by being up-to-date with the developments in the world. They hope to keep their current success in the export market and enter into different markets throughout the world. These have been achieved by the firm attending several international trade affairs and offering technical training on their products.

Altogether, STANDART has established the “Standart Master Club” with the aim of raising the awareness in the market for the benefits of using good quality products and improving the methods of application. The company is a member of Bituder (Bituminous Waterproofing Manufacturers Association) and İmsad. (Construction Materials Industrialist Association.)


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