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Construction of Bakwata’s biggest mosque in Tanzania nears completion

Construction of the Tanzania Muslim Council (Bakwata)‘s biggest mosque in Tanzania nears completion. President John Magufuli inspected the ongoing construction and affirmed that it is 98% complete with a few works remaining.

The project located in Kinondoni Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam Region, is being developed in fulfillment of Moroccan King Mohammed VI request to build an ultra-modern mosque for the Muslim community in the country.

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Mohammed VI mosque

Both president signed an agreement that covers traditional education, religious foundations, construction and management of mosques, exchange of experiences, and other forms of cooperation which aim to preserve authentic Islamic values and help prevent all forms of deviation and extremism.

The project also resulted as a response to a request by Mufti Sheikh Abu-Bakr Ibn Zubayr Benali, President of the National Muslim Council of Tanzania, who expressed the need for a mosque and its facilities in Dar es Salaam.

The area of this religious and cultural landmark is 7,400 square metres. It features a prayer room that accommodates more than 8,000 worshipers, a library, a conference hall, administrative facilities, a parking lot, a supermarket and green spaces.
The US $100 project dubbed the ‘Mohammed VI mosque’ which is also expected to be the biggest mosque in East and Central Africa, is being constructed under the sponsorship of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. construction work is expected to be completed in April.Abubakar Zubeir bin Ally and Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda, contributed on the purchase of 265 bags of cement to complement the construction work.




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