Genesal Energy manufactures and supplies special customized gensets, able to withstand the extreme heat in Gambia, Guinea Bissau & Guinea Conakry

Genesal Energy, a Spanish company in the business of manufacturing and supplying energy to both industry and private clients since 1994, has recently delivered nine completely customized and special gensets to Africa, a continent full of contrasts and a real challenge from an energetic point of view.

In line with its aim to offer efficient solutions for any type of energy challenge, whilst adapting the product to the proposed situation, Genesal Energy supplied the products precisely to Gambia, Guinea Bissau & Guinea Conakry, to be used for emergency power supply for electric substations.

With a power range of 9xGEN110FI, the gensets are designed to run in perfect conditions in isolated areas and they can withstand the extreme heat in the West African countries as they have the ability to operate in extreme temperatures of up to 45°C.

The nine gensets, in addition to the ability to operate in extreme weather conditions in isolated areas, also came with:

  1. Spare parts kit for extensive operation.

2. 1000L fuel tanks for increased autonomy.

3. Fuel filters with water separators to ensure operation with low-quality fuel.

Ensuring power supply in isolated areas is one of the guarantees that Genesal Energy offers its clients. Its gensets are prepared to withstand extreme climate conditions, from temperatures below zero to the highest on the planet.


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