A New Terminal coming up at Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport.

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A new terminal will be brought up at Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport, in Longueuil, Canada. Partnering with Porter Airlines, the construction of the upcoming terminal shall cover 21,000 m2 of land and consist of nine boarding gates.

More about the airport

Built in 1928, the Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport (also know us YHU) is a public airport serving LongueuilQuebec and Greater Montreal. Located in Saint Hubert, Canada, by 2017 it was known as the 15th busiest airport in Canada.


After investing $200 million, the Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport, started off the project in August 16, and is now determined to complete the project and have it in service by mid-2025. When completed the terminal is expected to have more than 10 routes, with all the systems to be electrically powered and a capacity of 4 million passengers. The terminal is said to take up 21,000 square meters of land. It will be large enough that other airlines will be permitted to use the terminal and bring together regional air service. The terminal is also said to give passengers a much better experience, reason being, it will have a modern style-aesthetic, access to retail vendors, food and beverages, and lounge siting for all passengers while waiting.

However as we know of the airport will mainly be focusing on excavation and leveling the ground where the project will be taking place. No more has been said by the Airport, although by fall next year more announcements should be made.

The terminal’s main contractor is the PCL Construction Company, the reason of the choice was cause of the expertise of the company and the fact that they have completed 30 projects in Canada. As well as being involved in the construction of Deloitte Tower and Storage and Preservation Building of Library and Archives Canada.