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200 MW Firefly Solar Project to be Developed in Pennsylvania

Vesper Energy recently announced the construction of its 200-megawatt Firefly Solar Project in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. The renewable energy company, known for partnering with local landowners to build and operate various solar and energy storage projects across the U.S, is planning on building this new utility-scale solar energy facility on the lands of farmers located in North Beaver Township.

The power generated from the Firefly Solar Project will be supplied to the existing utility lines and according to Vesper’s economic impact analysis, the solar project is expected to create more than 300 employment opportunities during its construction phase; generate US$ 1.6M per annum in the form of municipal, county, state, and school taxes; and the project will also provide up to US$ 10M in total economic activity in Lawrence County per year, over the course of its 40-year lifespan.

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The developers intend to preserve the agricultural character of the location, and they plan on working with a landscape designer on the Firefly Solar project, to create and implement a plan for evergreen-type vegetative screening of the project’s site. This measure will be taken to help minimize or eliminate the visual impact of the solar equipment on the surroundings.

The Director of Development at Vesper Energy, Erin Baker mentioned that Lawrence County would be directly impacted by the Firefly Solar Project and receive the lion’s share of benefits associated with the project. He pointed out that the new jobs from this development would be available to local residents, and the solar project would also support local schools and public services in the region.

Benefits of the  Firefly Solar Project to the landowners

Baker also said that many landowners found the Firefly Solar Project was ideal because it allows them to keep their lands in the family for generations. In addition, there would be no chemical emissions associated with solar energy generation, and no air or water pollution as well. He said Vester has worked in the region for about two years and the company was looking forward to continuing their work with landowners and local officials, to ensure this solar facility is built and also beneficial to Lawrence county.

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