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In this regard construction projects related to Largest museums under construction around  the globe are in fact making history.

Some plans are already afoot to expand the size and scope of more museums to new levels, with some of them in the design and construction phase pegged at hundreds of millions to billions of dollars.

Here are 6 of the biggest museum projects under construction around the world.

1) Grand Egyptian Museum

This is an international museum being constructed in Egypt and is expected to be opened in the year 2013.

One of the most anticipated cultural projects in the world for nearly three decades, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is to be opened later this year.

After last year, GEM – a natural history museum for Egypt and Egypt culture – has been «open with restricted visitation rights only for ‘site readiness’ purposes» and is set to throw its doors open to the public at large in mid-2024.

The architectural firm behind the project is the Ireland based firm, Heneghan Peng; the structural and mechanical engineers are Buro Happold and Arup, while the consulting engineers Mohamed Moharram and Bakhoum of ACE achieved the 81,000 sq m (872,000 sq ft) floor space. The total space area is 48,000 sq m (516,700 sq ft) of which 24,000 sq m (258,334 sq ft) will be allocated for permanent exhibitions. The concept of the landscape and the site development was by West 8, and exhibition masterplan and museology were by Atelier Brückner.

It will be a much bigger museum of a single civilisation and even a larger archaeological museum in the world once fully constructed.

Construction cost

Construction has takes more than ten years and cost over USD 1 billion. Formal construction of the first area was initiated in the late 2000s; however, the construction of the new city encountered several challenges throughout the decades including the following: The following financial issues and constraints due to access from the Arabic Spring movement in early 2011.  

Hill International merged with EHAF consulting engineers with the intention of participating in project management during the design and construction, which are the principal initial phases that were initiated in 2012.

Furthermore in the year 2012 in the first quarter, Orascom construction of Egypt in the consortium with the Belgium based company known as Besix has been awarded for the third phase of the construct.

Laid out as a chamfered triangle, the structure has taken cues from the region’s Giza pyramids that are located 2kms away ( 1. 2miles)NW of the site.


According to the museum, its display involves other than one hundred thousand artifacts from Egypt, including all the treasures of Tutankhamun. Other well-known pieces put on by GEM include the Snefru bust and the more than 3000-year-old Statue of Ramesses II that was originally located in Ramses Square in Cairo, as well as other large statutes found in the submerged city of Thonis-Heracleion, which is composed of Egyptian and Aegean antiquities.


2. Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim, both located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi – a project that was allegedly set to open in 2018 – is planned for a 2025 completion with most of the architectural forms defined.

The high rise designed by Foster and Partners of UK has five steel structures central one of which measures 123 meters in height and is shaped like a falcon’s wing. While on the ground floor would be two large, working galleries which are the core of the museum, on the first floor, there would be a set of four pod-shaped galleries that will address the history of the modern UAE.

The Innovative air conditioning system is used in the building will allow fresh air through the ground cooling pipes and thereafter expels it through the lobby of the museum. According to structural engineer

Construction cost

Company, which announced in Akt II that the project cost would be £ 260 million ( US$ 325. 5 million), steel heats up in the sun, the wings start becoming thermal chimneys and draw the air currents up through the building.

The idea was to establish a museum in memory of the first president, of the United Arab Emirates, the late Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It was initially projected to be completed in 2012, but the planned date was changed to 2013 and finally 2021 due to several excuses: the great financial crashes, UAE’s participation in the war within Yemen in 2015, and Arabtec – the Dubai-based construction group behind it – folded. However, the construction work on the project has recently been handed over to Six Construct, a part of the Belgian based firm, the Besix Group, and the Trojan General Contracting.

The two firms are also working on the construction of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi that is set to cost $1 billion and is to be attached to the Zayed National Museum on Saadiyat Island. It will be the biggest of such museums among four Guggenheim museums located in New York, Venice, Bilbao, and the iniciated one under construction and planned to be completed in 2025. These museums are complemented by the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which was inaugurated in 2017.

3) Met Toys, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Which in fact can be classified in the Met’s $2 billion project developed in six stages since 2015 and whose development is planned in the next five coming years. New projects included in September 2023 the construction of a Play and educational facilities for children – the 81st Street Studio. Possibly, there has been work to build a major new central chiller plant to regulate humidity and cool.

There also exists a project of installing new 30,000 sq ft of skylight for the European Paintings Gallery; it was renovated in the last year and is estimated to have cost $150 million in total. The effects of the installation of skylight are that the Met will have been able to cut down on the usage of energy hence minimizing CO2 emissions by 7%. Constructed in the summer of 2006 with architecture by Beyer Blinder Belle, Skanska managed construction while Arup was responsible for acting as the structural engineer.

Construction cost

On the same note, the Michael C Rockefeller Wing is set for a upgrade and has been projected to be ready by 2025 at a cost of 90 million US Dollars. The existing 40,000 sq ft (3,716 sq m) granite floor will be sandblasted in this context with a total cost of $5m as compared to $15m required to install new floor. The facility will have one glass wall located within Central Park since this will be changed to provide more light. Today in 2023 the new curtain wall construction is reported to have been done, while interior construction is still ongoing.

Currently, the Ancient and Near Eastern Cypriot Art is going to be overhauled by 2026 in the Galleries of 15,000 sqrt (1,394 sqrt) of the Metropolitan Museum. Then in 2029 the construction of Tang Wing is expected to be finished with a $500 million cost on the modern and contemporary art hall which will be designed by Mexico-based architect Frida Escobedo who will redesign the current galleries; this will provide extra galleries and the public space occupying 80 000 sq feet 7432 sq meters.


4) Los Angeles County Museum of contemporary art, Californi, US

Some architects are over 65% of the way to constructing the new building for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the LACMA and it will be known as the David Geffen Galleries. It has so far sourced $750 million to the project that was conceived by the award-winning architect, Peter Zumthor of Switzerland.

Construction of the building is managed by the Clark Construction Group and the organization is a construction manager at risk for the construction of the facility which will be predominantly finished in sweeping architectural concrete and glass.

Completion date

It is estimated that the project is due to be completed in the last quarter of this year.

To arrive at the actual kind of concrete to be used in the building construction, Clark collaborated with Zumthor, structural engineers from Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM), LACMA to obtain the right ready mix concrete to be used in the construction project, where they had to execute more than one hundred distinct concrete pours on the entire project. In an unconventional architectural feature, there are not any columns and what is more, the building supports itself with seven 30-feet-high pavilions at the park level and with the supporting beams that protrude 60-feet long (18. 3m) at the outside.

However, construction works have been severely affected at the La Brea Tar Pits because the fossils were found on the site, while the soil at the museum, which is adjacent to the wildlife exhıbít, is also unsuitable. The soft grounds has created a problem in laying the foundation for the tower cranes, apart from this the building needs 1,500 foundation piles and seismic base isolations. there has apparently been some axing down of Zumthor’s concept , in the same company.

5) Yugey Yugin Bharat, New Delhi, India

The Yugey Yugin Bharat National Museum in India, which is still under construction, is projected to be the largest museum in the world – it will provide visitors with the principles of living in India that had been developed in the course of 5000 years and in 950 rooms.


A three-setting museum in the North and South Bhawans adjacent to India’s presidential palace in New Delhi is likely to be ₹ 2,700 crore ($ 323. 5 Million).

The construction is expected to commence “soon”, this according to the announcement made by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in 2017. However, the current campaign amidst a general election in India does not allow any definitive conclusion regarding the construction work’s time frame or the contractors working on the project.

6) Milwaukee Public Museum – United States.

At Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, approximately 92 miles (148km) north of Chicago, Illinois,US, Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) is the natural history museum of the state has the approved plan and prepared to achieve an about $240 million for construction of a new museum.

Design for the structure and companion outside items – that will move from its current location a half mile (0. 8km) to the south – began a year earlier.

Construction cost

It had created billions for the build and the state of Wisconsin has pledged $40 million of public monies and Milwaukee County $45 million. Arizona state has courtseys for private funding and according to the institution it is still in the process of sourcing $75 million after it received more $80 million. The construction of the project is expected to complete in 2027:.

MPM required input from designers, main contractors and the main and subordinate subcontractors that intended to involve since the company wanted to prevent costs from going high due to logistics factors.

The architectural design of Birmingham’s first publicly funded building started early this year 2021, and the initial construction is expected to commence this summer.

It is a single building and looks like three monolithic concrete towers which form three interconnected curving waves. This performance is based on an exploration of large granite rock structures that can be found at a science and nature reserve in the middle of Wisconsin.

Completion date

‘Getting the logistics of travel, hoist and place for the concrete slabs in rhythm,’ Mortenson’s VP and general manager, Kurt Theune , said of the fact that the complex will incorporate around 80 000 sq ft nominally of exhibit space. ” Nevertheless, the whole construction process will take several months longer than two years, and, depending on circumstances, the supermarket may officially open its doors in 2027.


First, according to Theune, in this procedure, pile drivers and structural support will be put in place before the precast stone slabs of the edifice begin to be installed.

“For all intents and purposes, in terms of what we see, it does look very big, but in actuality, it isn’t all that large and we will be populating this site fairly soon,” he continued. “Each of the hoisting capabilities and other logistics take a lot of attention. ”


Describing it as a void-form structure or bubble deck structure, Theune stated that a building that has the maximum of air in its construction is being proposed Theune said that like the modular style of construction which will get most of the large exhibits which need to be placed over the two-year construction.


Accordingly, and because of the scale of the project, said Theune, the majority of aspects of design have been premised in 3D for nearly every area of the scheme from day one or executed in compliance with BIM practices.

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