Airia starts development of 5,700 acres for master-planned community in Montgomery County

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Houston-based residential developer Airia Development Corp. has recently begun infrastructure work, on a master-planned community project, named Colton, which is set to be the largest development in the area with an estimated build out value of $9.9 billion.

Spanning over 5,700 acres Colton is strategically located at the intersection of the tolled segment of state Highway 249 (known as the Aggie Expressway) and FM 1486 outside Todd Mission in Montgomery County. The development will also extend into segments of Grimes and Waller counties on its edge.

Colton is expected to be completed over a period exceeding two decades and aims to bring around 11,000 homes to the region according to the developers plans.

As per the terms of the agreement between Airia Development Corp. And Todd Mission there is a possibility that after 45 years Colton may become annexed by the town. Todd Mission is best known for hosting the Texas Renaissance Festival. Currently has just over 100 residents.

Airia Development Corp. has a track record of notable projects including Aliana near Richmond in Fort Bend County and Artavia in Montgomery County, near The Woodlands and Conroe.

The name “Colton” is derived from combining the three letters of College Station with the three letters of Houston.

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Airia to start building a water plant for Colton community within the next 30 days

Colton is situated in the middle, between both cities, 47 miles away in each direction. The groundwork for the community began fall and Airia is set to start building a water plant within the next 30 days as shared by Travis Stone, the company’s President during a chat, with the Houston Business Journal.

Essential services such as water and sewer will be facilitated through different municipal utility districts. Moreover, a significant portion, approximately 500 acres, of Colton’s land has been earmarked for commercial and multifamily development. Plans also include the establishment of multiple campuses affiliated with the Magnolia Independent School District across the community.

First phase of the Colton Community

Colton will offer a diverse range of lot sizes, spanning from 45 to 70-foot homesites, alongside larger 80-foot lots. The first phase aims to deliver approximately 600 lots to homebuilders by October, with builder announcements expected within the next three months.

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Envisioned as a quintessential Texan enclave, the community’s design endeavors to encapsulate the distinct character of Texas architecture and ambiance, according to Stone.

Preservation of existing greenery, including trees and natural corridors along dry creeks, is a priority for the development. Plans also incorporate the creation of an extensive network of hike-and-bike trails, fostering a blend of natural serenity and recreational opportunities.

The acquisition of the land, formerly known as Woodard Ranch, transpired in the autumn of 2017, divulged Stone, refraining from disclosing the identity of the seller. Notably, Airia procured the expansive tract with the initial intention of holding it for a duration of eight to ten years, coinciding with the completion of the Aggie Expressway and limited development activity in the vicinity.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with evolving preferences towards remote work and suburban living, prompted Airia to accelerate its plans for Colton. The completion of the Aggie Expressway, intended to streamline connectivity between Houston and College Station, further catalyzed development activity in the area.

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The burgeoning corridor has witnessed the announcement of several master-planned communities, including Kresston by Johnson Development Corp., a sizable community by Silvestri Investments, and The Cedars acreage-home community by High Meadow Development Co., among others.

In addition to Colton community, Airia development holds ownership of approximately 1,240 acres of ranch land in Navasota, although no immediate development plans are in place. Stone indicated that the company remains actively engaged in scouting for prospective land acquisitions, even in areas distanced from downtown Houston.

Despite its relatively modest portfolio, Airia remains committed to undertaking substantial projects, with future developments potentially encompassing smaller-scale communities. As Stone succinctly put it, “They’re awfully big.”

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