Restart Energy, based in Romania, Finishes Solar Energy Facility for Romtextil

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The most recent Restart Energy powered project consists of putting a Solar Energy Facility in Romtextil S.A., the Constanta, Romania based company.

Construction Cost

The project worth more than €500,000 symbolized a large investment on makers of renewable energy infrastructural facilities. Although this project tends to give most remarkable benefits and it is forecast to cover the full cost in probably three years.


The impressive 807 kWp output is ensured not only by the rooftop installation located above the production atelier Romtextil S.A. Lying on about 6480 square meters, the main section of the project consists of a generation of a total of 1404 panels which is responsible for 888 MWh of energy production annually. This undertaking produces a notable output, making up about 9% of the company’s total energy demand.


Romania Solar Energy Facility for Romtextil takes the energy development to the next level and has a higher environmental bearing more than just produce energy. In addition to the solar energy utilization, it has a promising future in its stride to reduce the CO2 emissions, which has been projected to achieve an annual reduction of about 293 tonnes. While this is anticipated to reduce radioactive waste disposal by about 2.66 kg per year, the project will also impact other forms of waste such as solid, sludge, and liquid waste. Such Environmental Benefits are Armed with an ESTABLISHED RED PLATFORM (IN 2021) capable of measuring and monitoring carbon footprint, mitigating it through green initiatives, and compensation of CO2 released.

Romania Solar Energy Facility for Romtextil
According to Aurica Cojocaru, Administrator of Romtextil, such a shift to renewables is of vital importance in achieving the needed balance between reducing emissions and keeping the costs of the energy production reasonable. The author emphasizes on the considerable reduction in cost and the advanced security that the solar panels compare to other forms of power supply especially on the general economic outlook.

Significance of clean energy

Armand Domuța, CEO & the Founder of Restart Energy, particularly underscores the role played by the clean. renewable and the cost-effective sources of local SMEs to acknowledge their growth and of larger enterprises. Relying on the company’s extensive range of solutions (Solar, Cogeneration, Supply and Distribution divisions), he stresses the commitment to blended engineering in order to improve the energy independence of the country while considering the holistic economy by means of customer-focused funding.

Restart Energy was in charge of the big energy efficiency project run for Romtextil, offering consulting, designing and solution deployment assistance. Furthermore, Restart Energy signed a strategic partnership with Interlink Capital Strategies in January 2021, thus, expanding the company’s development capabilities to 500 MW of renewable projects in Romania by 2025, which will power the country’s transition to 100% green energy.

In a revolutionary step, RE launched the first website on green convertible bonds in Romania in February 2021, which later on got listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange exchange under REO36 label.

Since 2015 its founders, Armand Domuța and Renato Doicaru, have been turning their effort to build an energy company with Romanian-American capital named Restart Energy which becomes one of the leading energy companies. Applying through over 15 years of combined management competencies, the enterprise uniquely manage the wealthiest portfolio enabling connectivity of over 120 solar renewable energy projects. By practically this, energy management and cost coverage schemes the Restart Energy provides the partners with stability, predictability, and seamless access to energy contributing to the increased profitability of their business and share of successful green initiatives.

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