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Sonnedix Portugal is the leading global renewables independent power producer. It is marking yet another milestone in Portugal´s renewable energy landscape. They have in excess of 3 GW operating capacity across different countries. They reached an agreement to enrich its project portfolio in the country. Hence, through the acquisition of a 49MW solar photovoltaic (PV) portfolio. Beside their many 40MW asset, this is the first one in operation to form the Sonnedix portfolio in Portugal. This serves to highlight the company’s determination of delivering clean, low cost, and secure energy to the homes in the two countries.

The takeover from the global renewable energy developer Cubico Sustainable Investments (Cubico) correlates with Sonnedix’s strategic growth ambitions. They are aiming to step up its renewable energy covered area in Europe. Moreover, work on its stable footing into the highly promising Portuguese market. However, Sonnedix Portugal does this by using its twenty years’ experience in providing services in this field to the nations of Europe, Asia, Americas and the Middle East. This includes the development, acquisition, and operation of solar plants so that Portugal can meet its agreed upon renewable energy targets and to elevate its nation towards a sustainable energy future.

Strategic Locations of Sonnedix Portugal Solar Portfolio

The solar PV power plants in the Sonnedix Portugal portfolio are geographically distant in various regions of southern Portugal. They cover important cities of Évora, Setúbal and Faro. Such regions were carefully located with the solar irradiation levels and their climatic conditions in mind. This is rather good for the project’s sake.

There exist power lines with large voltage and substations near the operation sites. Thus, making it easy to integrate wind power into the Portuguese electricity network. Such positioning throughout the high insolation zones of the country allows for Sonnedix Portugal to attain optimal yield levels per kW of production installed. The scale efficiency of centralized operation and maintenance team, and also the mitigation of weather-related risks by dispersing assets across multiple regions.

Additionally, the geographic spread adds Sonnedix Portugal’s ability to supply the growing need of the energy supply. It is supplied across southern region of Portugal. Meanwhile, ensuring the company’s promise of clean energy generation in the country as well.

Expanding Renewable Footprint: Details of Sonnedix Portugal’s 49MW Acquisition

The 49MW of the Solar Sonnedix Portugal portfolio is acquired globally from the Cubico renewable energy developer (Cubico). It includes four utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) plants. These solar farms, opened in the south of Portugal, where plugged into the local grid supplying clean energy since 2012-2014. These plants have maintained this services for the last decade.
Our portfolio includes Amareleja (13MW in Moura) as well as Pereiras (11.5MW in Alcoutim), Ferreira (13.2MW Faro), and Coruche (11.8MW Coruche). By adding a total of 49MW capacity to it, the acquisition of this project is accelerating Sonnedix Portugal development in the Portuguese territory.

Besides the statement that Sonnedix installations accelerate the expanding Portuguese market participation of the company, the acquisitions accentuate Sonnedix’s efforts towards renewable energy development by a combination of greenfield expansion and buyout of operational plants. The company could take over replicating the successful projects adopting the existing facilities and operational activities. Thus, those overtures help to make the most of the capacity and expand the performance.

Leveraging Favorable Policy Landscape
The Sonnedix Portugal portfolio projects are covered by the Portuguese government’s long-term Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) program. It is in place to encourage the development and use of renewable energy sources. Such tariffs ensure that the electricity produced by these solar plants is purchased at the determined, reasonable rate. Hence, for the long-term period that may range from 15 to 20 years.

This FiT plan has played a role in saving the company from price fluctuations in the energy markets. Furthermore, ensuring a steady income stream for Sonnedix Portugal. Through this kind of revenue mechanism, which provides a fixed revenue stream, Sonnedix can predict future cash flows and returns. Hence. financial planning and decision-making become easier. Additionally, the FiT scheme provides a stable and favorable base that Sonnedix Portugal can build upon to maximize plant performance and identify expansion opportunities.

The Portuguese government action by way of renewable energy development through supportive policies such as the FiT scheme has made it possible for major investors like Sonnedix to come into the play. With Portugal moving ahead to achieve its clean energy ambitions, the positive policy backdrop is likely to feature as the key enabler in the transition to a more sustainable and diversified energy system.

Accelerating Growth: Sonnedix Ambitious Renewable Energy Pipeline

The procurement of Sonnedix Portugal solar power portfolio is a stunning development in Sonnedix’s growth to local activities. Nonetheless, this is the stage of the expansion plan to the Portuguese market the company is ready to focus on. Together with the acquired assets, Sonnedix Portugal’s operating portfolio now represents 224.2 MW. This includes the construction of an additional 176.5 MW and a robust development pipeline of 51.5MW awaiting construction.

One of the Sonnedix Portugal’s major projects is a 149MW solar project in Tarouca, northern Portugal called Sonnedix Douro. One of the major assets that Sonnedix of Portugal has is the 149MW solar plant in Tarouca, northern Portugal. Being the biggest solar PV project of the company in Europe the Sonnedix Douro is definitely Sonnedix’s representation of helping clean energy to innovate in Portugal. The large undertaking of the project began in the late 2023 and it is scheduled to be accomplished by the end of the same year, thus the company’s portfolio capacity by the end of this year will hit 200MW which is higher than the market average of new projects power plant.


Sonnedix Portugal is the experienced company that will strengthen its position in the future. This is as the front runner in the renewable energy sector in the country. By means of the tactical purchase of the 49MW solar portfolio and the Sonnedix Douro which is under development. Through its global proficiency as well as tapping into the advantageous legal policies of Portugal, Sonnedix Portugal will be a vital player in easing the nation’ attainment of her renewable energy targets. In tandem with its growing investment in quality and reliable renewable assets, the firm plays a vital role towards a cleaner energy future by contributing to economic prosperity and job creation, a further testimony that it is missions is to maximize sustainable value addition to the concerned stakeholders and communities at large.