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Below is an overview of the top ten tallest buildings in Nigeria, one of the most economically developed nations on the African Continent.

The list is made of buildings that are mainly in Lagos and Abuja, and partly in Ibadan. These are the cities that have recently experienced rapid growth in the West African country.

The top 10 tallest buildings in Nigeria

  1. NECOM House in Lagos (height 160 meters)
  2. Champagne Pearl Tower in Lagos (height 134 meters)
  3. Union Bank Building (height 124 meters)
  4. World Trade Centre (WTC) Tower 2 in Abuja (height 120 meters)
  5. Eko Tower II in Lagos (height 118 meters)
  6. Black Pearl Tower in Lagos (height 112 meters)
  7. 4 Bourdillon in Lagos (height 110 meters)
  8. World Trade Center (WTC) Tower I in Abuja (height 110 meters)
  9. Ministry of Communication Building in Lagos (height 109 meters)
  10. Dakkada Tower in Uyo (height 108.8 meters)


  1. NECOM House
NECOM House, the tallest building in Nigeria


Also known as the NET Building, NITEL Building or the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited Building, NECOM House is the tallest building in Nigeria. The 32-storeys and 160.3 meters or 526 feet tall building houses the headquarters of NITEL and its communications spire serves as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor.

Constructed by Costain in the 1970s, the building has graced the Lagos skyline since 1979. It is not only the tallest building in Nigeria but also the tallest building in the entire West Africa region built using concrete.

NECOM House played a significant role in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector, serving as a central hub for various communication systems. It housed a significant portion of NITEL’s infrastructure, including telecommunications switches, transmission equipment, and communication cables.

2. Champagne Pearl Tower

The second tallest building in Nigeria is the Champagne Pearl Tower (on the left-hand side of the above picture). This is one of the five residential towers in Eko Atlantic, Lagos State, that make up the Eko Pearl Towers.

The 134 m (440 ft.) Champagne Pearl Tower consists of 30 residential floors with 4 apartments per floor, a technical floor, a ground floor and a basement floor in addition to a private health club, meeting room and lounge.

Completed back in 2017 the tower is currently the tallest residential building in Nigeria, and the second tallest building overall in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

3. Union Bank Building, 3rd tallest building in Nigeria 

Located in Marina, Lagos, the Union Bank Building is the third tallest building in Nigeria. The 28-floor-storey building serves as the headquarters of the Union Bank of Nigeria.

It was designed by Modulor Group and constructed by CCMC International up to 1991.

At a height of 124 m (407 ft.), the Union Bank Building is currently the third tallest building in Nigeria.

4. World Trade Centre (WTC) Tower 2

Touted as “Abuja’s only Grade-A office space”, WTC Tower 2, or simply Tower 2 is the fourth tallest building in Nigeria.

WTC Tower 2 is one of the eight buildings of the proposed World Trade Centre complex in the Central Business District of Abuja, FCT in Nigeria.

Completed back in 2016, the WTC Tower 2 has a height of 120 m (394 ft.) and a total of 25 floors. It is the tallest building in Abuja, breaking Lagos’s dominance in this list, and the fourth tallest in Nigeria.

5. Eko Towers II

Eko Towers II, the 5th tallest building in Nigeria


The Eko Towers II is a 27-floor mixed-use development at the Adetokunbo Ademola Street Roundabout that is also known as the Eko Hotel Roundabout in Victoria Island, Lagos.

According to the project architect, Enia, the building consists of a mixture of real estate components including a guesthouse, medical and social centre, a 5-floor parking area, restaurants and bars, and conference and staff rooms among others.

The building is the tallest in Victoria Island at a height of 118.34 m (387 ft.). Its construction began in 2012 and was completed in 2016.

6. Black Pearl tower

This (on the right-hand side of the above photo) is another one of the Eko Pearl Towers. It is particularly a 24-floor residential apartment building. It contains a total of 84 apartments, which range in size from 1 to 3 bedrooms, with Duplex options, combined apartments and Terrace Penthouses.

The 112 m (367 ft.) tall Eko Black Pearl tower is located close to the much taller Champagne Pearl and they both have similar attributes. They are situated behind two tennis courts, a swimming pool and other communal facilities, and they both have parking available at the ground and basement levels.

This was opened back in 2017.

7. 4 Bourdillon, 7th tallest building in Nigeria 

4 Bourdillon is located on the corner of Bourdillon and Thompson Road in Ikoyi, Lagos. It is a 110-meter tall twin tower with a total of 25 floors comprising 41 apartments.

The building was designed by Architects Design Group Nigeria, and P&T Group. It was developed by Kaizen Properties and El-Alan Group while El-Alan was the main contractor. Construction started in 2015 and was completed in early 2020.

8. World Trade Centre (WTC) Tower 1

The (WTC) Tower 1, or rather Tower 1, is a 24-floor apartment building, standing at a height of 110 meters on the premises of the previously mentioned World Trade Centre in Abuja.

The tower contains 120 apartments that range in size from 1 to 6 bedrooms, with Duplex options and two exquisite Penthouses and Pool Villas.

Its construction was completed back in 2016 the same year as its sister tower, WTC Tower 2.

9. Ministry of Communication Building

Initially named NIPOST building and built to serve as the headquarters of Nigeria’s postal activities, the Ministry of Communication Building is one of the oldest government buildings in the West African country constructed in the 1970s.

At a height of 109 meters, the building is number 9 on our list even though it was abandoned by the federal government after moving from Lagos to Abuja.

It has a total of 30 floors.

10. Dakkada Tower

Dakkada Tower, the 10th tallest building in Nigeria


Dakkada Tower is the 10th tallest building in Nigeria with a height of 108.8 meters and 21 floors.

The office tower was developed by the Akwa Ibom State Government on an area of 48,200 square meters in the Central Business District of Uyo in Akwa-Ibom State. Its construction works were carried out by VKS Construction Limited as the main contractor between 2017 and 2020.