US$ 1.3bn Margaritaville Resort Village Project Coming to Pennsylvania

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Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts has revealed plans for its $1.3 billion Margaritaville Resort village project in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. This project will bring the first resort village to the Poconos mountains, consisting of a hotel, an RV campsite, up to 1,000 rental cottages, some townhomes, along with a new Amtrak stop. 

According to Congressman Matt Cartwright, the Margaritaville Resort village project has been in the works for a while and is expected to create more high-paying jobs in the area, while also paying homage to the original Pocono Manor landmark, which was destroyed in a devastating fire incident in November 2019. 

Features of the Margaritaville Resort village project

The Margaritaville Resort village complex will offer four different options for visitors to make their selection from, which include a Margaritaville Hotel, the Tiny Homes Bungalows, a winter experience and the Camp Margaritaville RV Resort.

The planned hotel for the new Margaritaville Resort village project will feature the wilderness gardens, restaurants, swimming pools, and the LandShark Bar & Grill. While Tiny Homes Bungalows will be built, within walking distance from the hotel, to cater for visitors staying for longer periods, like vacations. 

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At the Margaritaville RV campsite, several amenities will be made available for visitors which include a Margaritaville shop, a fitness centre, a 5 o’Clock somewhere swim-up bar, and a Cheeseburger in paradise restaurant, Parakeets Kids Club, pickleball courts and  Barkaritaville Dog Park. 

Visitors will also have the option of choosing from a variety of suites equipped with amenities such as golf carts, covered changing stations, hot tubs, hammocks and fire pits. In addition, the Margaritaville Resort village will also provide visitors seeking a winter experience, with attractions such as a LandShark Tube Slide Runs and a License to Chill Ice Pond, along with an ice bar and coffee and hot chocolate stand. 

Project timeline

Construction on the Margaritaville Resort village project is expected to commence sometime next year, with the delivery date set for the middle of 2024.

The timeline for the new Amtrak station is still dependent on the results of a ridership study for the passenger rail service between Scranton, Pennsylvania and New York City, which is currently underway.

New York City-based JEMB Realty Corp will serve as the developer for the project.