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The City of Manchester Stadium, currently known as the Etihad Stadium, due to sponsorship reasons is the home of Premier League club Manchester City. The stadium has a capacity of 55,000 which makes it the 6th-largest football stadium in England and the ninth-largest in the United Kingdom.

Etihad Stadium was originally built as an athletics arena in Manchester’s bid for the 2000 Summer Olympics. Following the completion of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the 38,000-capacity arena was converted to a 48,000-seat football stadium.

Manchester City F.C. leased the stadium from Manchester City Council and moved there from Maine Road in the summer of 2003. As part of the agreement, the stadium would still be owned by the council while all operating, maintenance and future capital costs would be borne by the club. Consequently, Manchester City F.C. would receive all revenues from stadium users.

In August 2015, a 7,000-seat third tier on the South Stand of the stadium was completed. This was in time for the start of the 2015–16 football season. Currently, there are ongoing plans for a £300 million redevelopment programme of the existing Etihad Stadium North Stand.

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Below are 10 facts about the planned Etihad Stadium’s North Stand redevelopment.

1. Plans

Plans for the expansion of the Etihad Stadium’s North Stand were conceived back in 2014 together with the development of the Northern Stand.

2. Applications

Applications for the expansion project were submitted in April 2023.

3. Cost

The £300 million redevelopment plan was approved by the local city council’s planning committee in July 2023.

4. Implementation

The project implementation is set to begin in November 2023.

5. Scope of the project

Etihad Stadium’s North Stand redevelopment project is centred on the expansion of the North Stand with a single, larger upper tier above the existing lower tier. A 400-seat sky bar a stadium roof walk experience and views of the field will be constructed above the upper deck.

6. Visitor interactive experience

The current club shop will be knocked down to give way for the construction of an eight-storey building. The new facility will have a new store, ticket office and museum as well as an ‘interactive visitor experience venue’ on level 3. The upper floors of the new eight-storey building will be used as a workspace for small businesses and start-ups.

7.  9 Storey Hotel

A nine-storey hotel with a total of 391 bedrooms and 10 suites will also be built.

8. Covered Fan Zone

Between the new hotel and club shop building, City Square will be repurposed to create a new covered fan zone and event space with approximately 3,000-person capacity.

9. Completion date

The project is expected to be completed by August 2025, in time for the 2025–26 season.

10. 6th Largest stadium

Upon completion, this project will make the Etihad Stadium the 6th largest in England with a capacity of close to 62, 000 seats.


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