Top 5 energy projects in Kenya to face funding cuts

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For the year ending June, foreign lenders including the World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), and China Exim Bank, lowered funding for some projects in Kenya by at least 66.8 billion.

The funding cutback has affected at least 19 projects in the East African country some of which have been either shelved or delayed indefinitely. Below are the top 5 energy projects in Kenya affected by the reduction of funding.

1. Kamburu-Embu-Thika Transmission Line project

One of the most affected projects includes the Kamburu-Embu-Thika Transmission Line project. The China Exim Bank has reportedly cut funding for this project by Sh4.5 billion. This is one of the largest cuts.

2. Ethiopia-Kenya Interconnector project

The 1,045 km 500 kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Ethiopia-Kenya Interconnector project has also lost approximately Sh3.15 billion from the AfDB. Also known as the Eastern Electricity Highway, this project seeks to connect Kenya and Ethiopia’s grids.

3. Gilgil-Thika Konza 400 KV Transmission Line project

The Gilgil-Thika Konza 400 KV Transmission Line project funding by the World Bank has been reduced by Sh2.3 billion. Another project that seeks to increase power access through cutting construction charges and which is funded by the Bank has shrunk by Sh2.9 billion.

4. Ol Karia geothermal power plant project

The foreign lenders also slashed Sh2 billion meant for Ol Karia geothermal power plant. 

5.Loiyangalani-Marsabit Transmission Line

The Loiyangalani-Marsabit Transmission Line project was subjected to an Sh1.9 billion funding cutback.

Not only energy infrastructure projects have suffered the cutback but also road projects. The dualling of the 41.7 km of the Mombasa–Mariakani Highway for example has been docked Sh1.6 billion.