ABB opens service centre in Tanzania

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ABB Global Technology which is a leader in power and automation technologies has opened a service centre in Tanzania that is expected to serve Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, South Sudan, Burundi and Rwanda for the maintenance and rehabilitation of turbochargers in power plants.

ABB Power and Productivity Country Managing Director, Mr. Michael Otonya verified the reports and said that ABB has been focusing on the manufacture of turbochargers and been operating in Tanzania since 1993.

“Our companies have been operating in Tanzania since 1993 and has been focusing on manufacturing of turbochargers that control the voltage of power and increase efficiency of the machines in the transmission and generation of power from substations,” Mr. Otonya said.

Mr. Otonya pointed out a number of things, first he said that the company will create new electrical machines suitable for the East African market, utilities firms and transport as a way of investing in the country. He also said that the turbocharger is a turbine-driven forced induction device that enhances internal combustion engines efficiency and power output in operations. He finally requested the Tanzanian government, the utility firm in particular to invest more in power plants construction, infrastructure of power generation and transmission to cultivate social and economic development.

The ABB Group of companies operates globally in 100 countries and has approximately 30 experts who major in offering the best solutions to the local market so as to help in controlling the voltage of power to medium, high or low in different industries.

The company has expertise in connecting electrical plants to internet provision gadgets and optimizes energy costs and power loads. It is also a market leader in the manufacture and maintenance of turbochargers for 500 KW to 80 plus MW diesel and gas engines and it is the company that produced the world’s first industrial turbocharger.