Apex Waterproofing (Pty) Ltd: Specializes in Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

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Apex Waterproofing has been operating for four years. Richie Napier is the 3rd generation of the Napier family in the waterproofing industry and has vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry. The company specialises in waterproofing, damp proofing, roof repairs and replacements for the residential, commercial and industrial sector.

The company was specifically designed to bring 1st class client service and raise the standard of work in the industry. And that is what makes Apex Waterproofing unique. Their clients are reassured with constant updates, post job reports and honouring of guarantees. This makes them the obvious choice and their clients can relax knowing they are being taken care.

“100% client satisfaction. We are not the cheapest in the industry, but we offer our clients the best experience with our priority being client relations and communication, quality work and the clients experience. Richie has worked in the waterproofing industry prior to opening Apex Waterproofing. And I headed up the marketing and client relations division of a global institute. We often used to discuss work in the evenings and noticed a niche in the waterproofing industry. Or just the contracting industry in general.

CLIENT RELATIONS. We go above and beyond the clients expectation every time. We have made this a core value in our company and have built this into our staff mindset,” explains Tatum Napier.

Maintaining steady growth without compromising quality of work and keeping prices competitive are the challenges in this business sector. Furthermore, due to the lockdown all their major projects have been put on hold. They are the chosen waterproofing service provider for several shopping centers across Gauteng. Besides recently being awarded a handful of tenders for various complexes in Sandton, They have handled projects from the likes of SA Breweries to various water treatment plants around the country.

“Quality work. Both contractors and clients are trying to cut costs where they can. Clients are looking into more DIY systems and contractors are installing poorly manufactured waterproofing materials. This is also partially due to the market being flooded with waterproofing contractors,” Napier.

The company is equipped with the latest solutions and have the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times. Their standard of work is second to none and they strive to be the company you are proud to recommend.

He further urges clients to research their waterproofing contractor and suppliers before approving any quotation and ensure you received at least 3 different quotes before making your final decision. Apex Waterproofing is one of very few Derbit SA and Aquagard Waterproofing approved applicators.