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Areniscas de los Pinares – Pinaresca was founded in 1999 and it is dedicated to the extraction, processing and distribution of sandstone & limestone from its own quarries, located in Burgos (Northern Spain).

They are committed to the highest standard of workmanship and ethics. Their logistic and commercial structure provides a fast and efficient response to clients worldwide.

Because of their products durability and aesthetic beauty, natural stone is the most widely used material in architecture, mostly as wall and floor covering for façades and pavements. Their natural stone offers a constructive solution to all building elements, from load-bearing walls to ventilated facades.

The R&D+i team is in charge of the applied and technological research projects, ranging from research on next-generation materials to the improvement of the properties of natural stone as well as development of innovative construction systems. Additionally, work is carried out on analysis of pathologies and on research of stone treatments and additives.
They have achieved a consolidated and solid position in the Spanish market and in the spirit of a truly international company and they can offer their products and solutions with no geographical limitations.

Jesús Borro Fernández from the export department says that Sandstone is a warm construction material and it gives a unique personality to a business hotel, private residence or official building.
He concludes and says that they have several projects in Morocco and Algeria, and they hope to get the works very soon, Central and South Africa can be good markets for Areniscas and stone manufacturers in near future.

Areniscas de los Pinares
Jesús Borro Fernández
[email protected]