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Armac Martin have been in business for 236 years for the three divisions and only in the last 7 years have the trhee worked together in the one building. In a very simplistic and historical sense, Brass Turned Parts make the parts, Armac then dress, assemble, and finish the parts, and finally Martin stock, sell and distribute the parts.

According to Armac Martin’s sales office Manager Richard McGrail currently their products are available in some countries in Africa and the company is looking forward to setup dealerships in Ghana and Kenya respectively.

Today they have moved to a purpose built factory unit in Duddeston, Birmingham. In that time the boundary lines between the different businesses have blurred and customers have crossed over between divisions. Their methods of manufacturing are modernized and streamlined to make them a far more efficient manufacturer/distributor of furniture components and ancillary brass products. And these components and products are used in a wide variety of market places both here in the UK and abroad.

Recent investments in their design capabilities have included CAD drawing software and CAD engineering as well as Laser Engraving machines. They have also invested in a Rapid Prototyping Machine that they use to create hand-held samples of our new designs. This is a service used by their customers, who are seeking some individuality in their fittings, to add a level of exclusivity to their furniture and building designs.



Richard McGrail

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