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The company is a multinational manufacturer specialized on high-end Geomembranes for safe containment applications and a world leader in flat-die geomembranes. Their headquarter is based in Europe, manufacturing plants in Spain and Dubai and international offices worldwide, produce since 1995 as a very well reputed manufacturer.

They are focused on the long term behavior and durability properties of their geomembranes in extreme exposed conditions and/or high requirements applications. Their product range of polyolefin material includes; HDPE, LLDPE, VLDPE and PP with all of them able to be made smooth, textured, black, colored, coextruded, conductive and reinforced or the combination of these factors.

They also design and engineer their own flat die production lines and take care accurately of the selection of the best raw materials and additives, since they have one of the biggest production capabilities in the world, with their proactivity and competitiveness as an advantage for their clients.

Environmental application is one of their main backgrounds. Being mining, waste management, water management but also aquaculture, agriculture, tunneling, civil engineering and responsible contention the principal scopes of their liners. They occupy presence in more than 50 countries worldwide, particularly in Africa, since they can deliver the material to the different ports or directly to the job site inside the African continent.

Their main target is to provide an integral service with a global product to their clients, accompanying them from the technical vision to the practical execution and completion of the jobs with warranted and compromised products. Technical advice, assistance on installation, handling, delivery, innovative products and any other requirement on geosynthetics brings a complete scope of service aimed to long-term relationship with their Customers.

Tamara Jurado Carrasco
Customer Service Area Manager
[email protected]