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Water treatment tanks are highly susceptible to corrosion due to handling aggressive chemicals on a daily basis. In the presence of moisture at the vapour interface, the biological conversion of hydrogen sulphide gas to sulphuric acid can take place.

Hydrogen sulphide gas can directly attack metals such as copper, iron and steel. Corrosion in turn leads to metal losses where through-wall defects can develop, as illustrated in the adjacent image.

Tank maintenance can present multiple challenges. Shutting down the process to do the necessary repairs is too costly, and working on live equipment using hot work is not possible due to the risk of sparks or damage to existing lining. These issues prompted the formulation of coatings and repair composites that are applied and cure at ambient temperatures, and allow for the repair to be carried out on a live tank without the use of mechanical equipment.

Established in 1952, Belzona has pioneered innovative polymer technology that has revolutionised industrial repair and maintenance procedures. The company has global presence through a network shown here WWW.BELZONA.COM/EN/ABOUT/LOCATIONS.ASPX

Today, Belzona is the world leader in the supply of polymer repair composites and industrial protective coatings and is continuously developing solutions to meet the ever increasing market demand. Belzona linings are likely to grow in demand in future as people are more interested in preventing more than repairing damage.

Aggressive chemicals and erosion-corrosion can take their toll on equipment and structures, resulting in increased capital and operating expenditure. Elevated temperature and pressure levels tend to exacerbate the problem and necessitate the use of high performance protective and repair materials with a proven track record. Belzona solutions includes incorporating suitable protection onto a newly built equipment.

Silva Marina, a marketing supervisor at Belzona asks clients to ensure they source products from the company directly or from an authorized dealer since they will benefit through technical service and application support, in addition to owning the products.
Belzona offers a range of coatings and composites carefully formulated to address various issues faced by the Water and Waste Waterindustry.

Some of the technological advances from Belzona include zinc-rich polymer coatings, high temperature epoxy coating, polyurethane resin for rubber repair, epoxy based composite ceramic carbide, water repellent Cladding Concentrate, and Lubricant Concentrate, among others (can also reduce noise, temperatures, and vibrations).

Marina Silva
Marketing Supervisor
[email protected]