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Benefits of Cobra Mini Rigs

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Piling Equipment Ltd has been an established manufacturer and supplier of new and refurbished piling rigs and foundation drilling equipment for almost two-decades. As a company, we’re renowned for our in-depth industry knowledge, on-site experience and impressive range of machinery, including our assortment of mini piling rigs.

It’s no secret that the piling industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of everyday construction challenges and the pressures of building restrictions. In order to overcome such challenges, we’re proud to be able to provide an array of piling rigs and drilling equipment, including our coveted Cobra mini rigs. Over the past few years, our workshop team and partners Adler Arbeitsmaschinen, have worked extremely hard to develop and manufacture a range of mini rigs that are suitable to work in even the most restricted and trickiest of site conditions. Our collaborations with Adler have produced an array of durable and powerful yet compact machines. Currently Adler still produce our popular ‘D-series’ drop hammer rigs, whilst our latest rotary ‘T-series’ machines are designed and manufactured in-house.

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Our Cobra rigs can be used on a variety of sites, including those with problematic access, headroom or noise limitations and tricky ground conditions. To support this claim, we’ve put together a comprehensive list outlining the key benefits we believe mini piling has to offer:

Easy access to restricted sites;

More often than not, successfully accessing and working on restricted sites with a larger piling rig can be difficult. Sites with limited access or confined work spaces, such as basements, can pose a variety of problems for operators. From the initial on-site delivery of machinery and equipment, to physical limitations such as the height and weight restrictions of a larger rig; using traditional methods of foundation drilling may not always be possible due to such restrictions. In order to overcome potential logistical and practical issues, operators may decide to utilize mini-piling methods instead. Due to their overall compact structure and small footprint, Cobra mini rigs offer a proactive solution to working on sites where access is tricky or headroom is limited.

An additional benefit of being able to easily access challenging sites with a Cobra, is the potential for home extensions and basement excavation projects, which may not have otherwise been possible to undertake with a larger and less maneuverable rig. By using mini piling and its’ many applications enables contractors to work on a multitude of projects without potential disruptions or problems.

Our Cobra rigs are renowned for their small yet robust structure and high-powered performance. The Cobra mini rigs also have adjustable rubber tracks enabling them to fit through doorways and gateways with ease. We have a variety of mini rigs, both rotary and drop hammer configurations, to suit a wide range of projects. Our mini rigs have worked on an assortment of projects and job sites, from basement excavations and new builds to double-storey extensions and inside shopping malls, proving their value and versatility amongst the piling community.

Ability to work in adverse conditions;

When working on a site with potentially unfavorable ground conditions, larger rigs or traditional piling methods may not always be the most practical or ideal solution. Larger machinery may not always be the most compatible with adverse ground or site conditions, therefore, an operator should consider utilizing a mini piling rig and mini piles to aid the project instead. Due to their low weight and compact structure, the Cobra mini rigs are the ideal choice for sites with unstable land. Mini piles can also be used as a replacement for traditional footings for new build houses and similar structures.

Improved environmental efficiency; 

It has been reported that sustainable solutions within construction projects are becoming an increasingly important requirement. Due to the compact size of mini rigs, their environmental impact is often significantly lower than their larger counterparts. Our most recently manufactured Cobra rotary rigs, the T8000 and T12000, have both been fitted with the latest Hatz 4H50TICD silent pack Euro stage 5 diesel engines. These engines ensure the rig has substantial power, whilst maintaining a low fuel input and emission output. Despite the small structure of the Cobras, an overall lower power-to-weight ratio enables enormous amounts of power and high torque to be produced. All of our Cobra machines have exceptional fuel economy and fuel efficiency and are therefore a greener option. Here at Piling Equipment Ltd, we believe that our reducing our environmental impact is important. We are aware of the environmental impact the construction industry contributes, however we are constantly thinking about new sustainable ways to reduce this footprint. The majority of our mini rigs have Euro stage four or five engines meaning they are greener and more efficient.


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