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Blastrac is the leading international developer and manufacturer of surface preparation equipment. They have a full range of different machines for preparing and maintaining floors and other surfaces of all kinds of materials. Their innovative techniques are developed in-house, on demand through the firm’s strong r&d department. The range is huge and the company also offers a large range of additional methods for concrete preparation and removal of different types of floor coatings, such as shot blasting, milling and scraping.

Blastrac’s techniques are highly efficient whilst being mechanically and environmentally friendly. The company generates solutions for surface processing on every scale and for almost every area. Their range of equipment consists of machinery and accessories such as:
• Stripping Surfaces

• Shot Blasting

• Steel Blasting

• Handheld Grinding

• Single Disc Grinding

• Triple Head Grinding

• Dust Collecting

Using multiple technologies

Together with having years of experience and having a close relationship with their customers, the firm knows that just one technique doesn’t do the job if you want to do surface preparation the right way. Using multiple surface preparation technologies means:

  • A better looking finished result
  • Lower expenses on tools
  • Lower expenses on valuable time
  • Lower maintenance costs in the futur


“Africa is an important market for our products. African countries are developing very fast and the needs in terms of surface preparation are really present. Infrastructures are growing a lot all over the region and a good surface preparation is the key of many flooring projects (bridges, warehousing, airports, roads to name but a few). In addition, decorative flooring is also a fast developing market where we try to be active all over the region.

Blastrac is able to deliver products all over the world. We have offices all over the world and in case there is no Blastrac office in your region, we have dealers and distributors that will be able to help you. The company has official dealers in: Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Cameroun, Mozambique, and Morocco,” explains Clément Charpentier, Marketing Manager at Blastrac Europe.

Shot Blasting

Based on Charpentier , the company does not only develop its own machines, tools and technologies for surface preparation, for the most part they produce them themselves. Blastrac Poland and Blastrac headquarters in the Netherlands are the center points of the worldwide manufacturing, assembly and distribution of their products. With sales and service centers around the world and a large network of distributors and dealers in the industry, thay are ready to assist you with all your surface preparation needs, anywhere and anytime.

As he concludes Charpentier states that Blastrac was the inventor of the first mobile shot blast cleaning machine in the early ‘80s. Since then, the company has evolved a lot and is well-known and appreciated by contractors and users all over the world for their comprehensive range of professional equipment to prepare and maintain any floor and surface. With more than 80 different in-house produced surface preparation machines, Blastrac has the biggest range of surface preparation machines available on the market.