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Founded in UK in 2003, Bridgend Extrusion Limited is a privately owned limited company that produces the K-Form cast in 100% recycled uPVC plastic shuttering system for concrete road forms sector of the construction industry. With an integral joint system and a removable top strip, K-Form’s easy to use concrete shuttering system is a patented design.

The K-Form Concrete Formwork System offers a revolutionary and efficient shuttering product that saves the building contractor time and money with less labour, when pouring ground concrete slabs. Most contractors report back in excess of 30% cost savings when using K-Form as well as the associated time saving when working within stringent time constraints.

The K-Form plastic shuttering system made from uPVC is a light weight, cast in place screed rail strong enough to handle all types of mechanical leveling machines as well as providing control, construction and isolation joints. Straight quality joints every time while being versatile for all types of concrete forms.

K-Form is produced in three different sizes suitable for a wide range of specifications and has unique features that; Enables adjoining bays to be poured consecutively, Pre-drilled holes in base for anchoring with mortar, Fixing to steel deck possible with screws or shot nails, Once concrete is poured, K-FORM is left in place; no need to remove and clean and separate wear strip can be removed once concrete is set to allow joint sealing.

K-Form has been used in a wide variety of projects both in the United Kingdom and globally. Examples are; Warehouses, Agricultural Markets, Industrial Yards, Recycling plants, Refineries etc.

Ally Mumtaz, the Marketing Director says that the uniqueness of K-Form is that it is light and easy to transport and can be stored in areas of high temperature. Additionally it achieves a high quality result with a lower level of skilled labour.

She concludes and says that they are actively seeking distribution partners throughout the African continent.


Bridgend Extrusion Limited
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