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Build Construction Chemicals is the leading suppliers and approved applicators of the world leading construction chemicals and high performance coatings across East African region.

The company is a guru in all things construction chemicals, through its extensive experience coupled with comprehending challenges in the field of construction, the company is in this venture to provide total construction solutions.

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The company has excellent infrastructure and well trained personnel that know the products they are working with and have hands-on experience using proven techniques, to handle and deliver any construction project needs.

This ensures quality, fast and effective solutions through provision of a complete range of high quality products and services for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Their hardware is equipped with the latest technology for instance qualitative epoxy on floor is suitable for firms or commercials since you can design on them firms’ logos.

The company has collaborated with multinational companies of construction chemicals such as Basf, Sika, Fosrock, Jotun among other manufacturers. The products are designed and manufactured for high performance and durability and they are packed in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for all clients’ needs.

The company offers a variety of products and services and is best known to be the best in the East African market in providing protective products during and after construction. Global operation, customer orientation, strong brand, reliable products and quality focus are the core competencies the firm uses to excel in the market and succeed in this dynamic business environment.

Build Construction Chemicals Limited Stick with expertsThe company’s product range include: admixtures, grinding aids, waterproofing, coating and flooring, grouts and adhesives; and road marking paint. Concrete repair serves the purpose of protecting a building during and after construction, this is done with the aid of epoxies, polyurethane, silanes and cementitious materials while flooring is done with the aid of bitumen screeds, dry shakes cementitious, epoxies and polyurethanes.

Waterproofing is a new technology that all buildings are adapting in their construction projects and hence the need for specialized bituminous sheets, acrylic liquid systems, putties and cementitious based products needed.

Epoxy flooring is gaining popularity especially for industrial flooring as it an excellent choice for floors which are exposed to chemicals. The company provides a wide range of epoxy products such as epoxy resins, epoxy hardeners, epoxy paints and epoxy adhesives that are high performance in construction. The company is also known for quality and high performance range of grouts and adhesives for tiles, marbles and granite flooring.

According to Mr. Martin Mwaniki, Technical Sales, they utilize a well-established communication system that ensures reliable and constant coordination with all their field operations, for instance when the site is tricky they will collaborate with the manufacturers where they import products for technical support. Communication is key for the company to clients and this has led to the influence on the success of the company.

The company is established on core values that focus on the clients needs, this has been achieved through the successful periodical trainings offered by the company to emphasize on the importance of construction chemicals as well as laying down information to other contractors. Secondly, the company does samples to their clients, these results to trust and reliability for the transparency of the work the company offers.

Since its inception the company has successfully undertaken several works for various clients ranging from government and institutional facilities to private and commercial clients. They have a large database of satisfied clients. Magnate ventures, Nairobi hospital, University of Nairobi, Uni Afrique East Africa limited are some of their projects. The company maintains a long standing rapport between themselves and clients after completion of the projects by visiting the sites, providing expertise advice which provides the comfort of knowing they stand behind every job.

“Every work has different kind of varieties and are distinguished by their functionality in that case we offer advice on the clients,” explains Mr. Mwaniki. “In other words, flooring depends on the nature of the activity that will be involved; it’s advisable to use epoxy when flooring hospitals than tiles. Due to their sameness nature they create a hygienic environment,” he added.

Mr. Mwaniki urges the Kenyan government to set standards on the products to be used during flooring in the hospitals. “Tiles, ceramic and wooden floor are unhygienic since some bacteria conceals in joints during cleansing, however he advocates for epoxy considering that they are uniform,” he clarifies. “Epoxy systems differ in price, a client’s need is what determines the pricing thus they should not be scared,” he advises

The firm focuses on meeting the needs of small and medium sized business; however lack of regulation on substandard products is the core obstacle that pulls back the industry. “Sub- standard products are in the market; they upset on pricing since inferior products are cheaper,” he affirms. According to Mr. Mwaniki, some clients have no knowledge on the right products to be used; they rely much on price than on quality.

Build Construction Chemicals Limited gives you an ideal alternative in supply of construction chemicals and quality performance coating service across Eastern Africa. The company is based in Nairobi, Crossway road, Westlands, Devan plaza first floor, suite 1B with a branch network in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.