Caterpillar announces B20, B30 and B35 Hydraulic Hammers for Africa and the Middle East

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Caterpillar Work Tools is pleased to announce the availability of the B20, B30 and B35 top mount hydraulic hammers with Cat® hydraulic kits for sale into Africa and the Middle East. The B-series expands the Cat hammer line that is specifically designed for LRC market applications and customer needs.

These hydraulic hammers combine optimum power-to-weight ratio with simplicity and cost effectiveness for municipal, general construction, demolition, quarry and mining applications. The Cat field installed hydraulic kit distinguishes the match & performance of Cat B-series hammer to other local competitors, by weld-free mounting feature and ability to regulate hydraulic flow, which will protect both machine and breaker.


Caterpillar customers in Africa and the Middle East are increasingly using hammers in quarries, demolition, utilities, construction job site support. These customers have been asking for a Caterpillar supported hammer solution that matches their value expectation yet provides the durability, reliability and support offered by Caterpillar.


Gas fired design

Cat B-series hammers are specifically designed for LRC market and applications, and provide customers outstanding impact power, easier maintenance and optimum owning & operating (O&O) cost.

Top-mount Style (Rectangular)

Top-mount style increases impact power by keeping hammer force and stick force in line. Top-mount style also provides the customer a larger work area and excellent operator visibility. Additionally, the top-mount bracket will transfer much less forces and bending stress into the end of stick and have less impact on machine structures.

Standard supplied accumulator

High pressure accumulator is standard supply from factory and field serviceable. It will help protect the carrier hydraulic circuit by absorbing pulsation spikes created during firing stroke.

Stroke Adjuster

Hammer speed/frequency can be easily adjusted to suit specific applications and give customer the best productivity.

Outstanding Field-proven Reliability and Durability

Hammer design, manufacturing practices, quality inspection and testing of hammers provides durability required for tough applications. And all hammers are tested in accordance with ISO Quality Control System before delivery.

Perfect Match to Cat Machines

Cat B-series hammers are designed with mounting brackets specifically built to Cat linkages, as well as the genuine connecting lines and valves to match Cat implement hydraulic kits.  The compatibility to Cat machines are tested and approved by Caterpillar.

Easy Maintenance

Full length side plates design provides customer’s much easier access to service points. Also, the superior field maintenance capability on tool and bushings plus field replaceable lower tool bushings are added values for customer’s daily operation and maintenance.