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Successfully operating for over 15 years,

Ecofacade is a part of Alternativa Group, one of the largest producers of aluminum materials for suspended facade systems.

Visioned to create ecologically free and energy efficient construction materials for facade systems,

They aim to innovate the industry bringing innovation to every product, every project and every step of manufacturing.

Ecofacade design and manufacture all range of

  • Aluminum rails
  • Brackets
  • Constructions for vertical and horizontal cladding.


They have the capacity to manufacture up to 200 thousand sq.m. of materials for facade systems per month.

The Company’s pride is a close-knit team of professionals. broad experience and high qualification of engineers and architects,

Making it possible to find simple solutions for the most complex projects.

Besides manufacturing,

They offer a range of services including:-

  • Development of design documentation.
  • BIM construction.
  • Conceptual facade designs.
  • Suspended facade systems and designs.
  • Value engineering.
  • Country house facade design.
  • 3D architectural rendering.
  • Cladding manufacturing.


BIM Technology Application

They have been using BIM technologies for a long period and as a result of it, they have the effective application of information modeling technology in their work.

Their employees are committed to continuous professional development of their design skills.

When designing a building or facility using an information model, they create a virtual equivalent of the real future facility.

Using this technology, they can optimize the functionality of the entire building in future, more specifically, the operation of the engineering structures, the buildinga internal MEP systems, etc.

Modern appearance of the design drawings will make it possible to:-
  • Reduce the time spent for the design creation
  • Achieve maximum accuracy of the model building parameters
  • Nearly exclude the possibility of errors and inaccuracies in the design implementation
  • Model the possible changes in the building or facility structures or MEP systems in real- time.

Specialists of their company prepare the design and have documentation for the facade, based on architectural and structural solutions using BIM technology.

The information model of the building facade they have developed will be used later in the construction and operation phase.

This will significantly reduce the cost of building the facility.

Ecofacade is constantly looking for new effective solutions in the construction field and is ready to share its professional experience & ready-made solutions.

They are ready to make the boldest architectural and engineering concepts a reality.