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Based in South Africa, Ecosan produces, distributes, and markets the Ecosan waterless toilet, a sanitation system that converts human waste into dehydrated, compostable material. The waste can then be used as compost or disposed of at a traditional waste management facility.

The Ecosan requires neither water nor sewer access to function. It eliminates the cost and infrastructural barriers associated with the installation of sewer and water systems, while removing the negative health and environmental effects of open defecation. It is particularly relevant to improving sanitation in rural communities.

The system is composed of a tank, a seat and a bowl, all of which are made of high-quality polyethylene. The simplicity of the design and lightweight materials allow the system to be installed by the customer.

Waste falls into a helical, screw-shaped conveyor that is moved every time the toilet seat is lifted. Over the course of 25 days, the waste is slowly dehydrated and gradually moved it to its final destination: a reusable collection bag. Depending on the number of users, the bag mustbe emptied once every six months. Normal amounts of excrement and urine, and small quantities of water can be put into the system and will dehydrate over the course of a month. The collected waste, reduced to 5-10 per cent of its original mass, can be used as compostor fuel, or disposed of.

The current design was created to serve local developmentneeds in Africa. The system is highly adaptable,allowing for above or below ground installation of thetank, depending on ground conditions. The Ecosan canbe removed and reinstalled elsewhere if needed. Thesturdy construction requires very little maintenance.

The system has also proved popular with Guest lodges, Farms and environmentally friendly homes.

The Ecosan toilet was designed to resist the many hoursof direct sunlight and high temperatures typical in mostAfrican countries. The bowl and seat are practically unbreakable, unlike toilets made of porcelain. The standard system, however, cannot handle large quantities of water as thisinterrupts the dehydration process.

Technology Dissemination

The Ecosan toilet, invented in South Africa, was broughtto market there in 2000. G-Trade International has beenthe sole distributor since 2005 with exclusive rights to managemanufacturing and distribution. Currently, all plastic components of the Ecosan systemare manufactured by JoJo Tanks, in South Africa. The productis exported throughout Africa, the Caribbean, SouthAmerica, Australia, and Europe.

Eco Sanitation works with a network of agents who sellEcosan toilets to customers in their geographic regions.Agents are located in African countries including Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania, and are also inAustralia and France.

Installation, as well as basic maintenance, can be performedby the customer.

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