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Eltek to install 104 solar arrays in Zimbabwe’s hospitals

Norwegian-based power solutions company Eltek is installing solar arrays at more than 100 hospitals in Zimbabwe.

The company is installing the systems as part of the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP), with the objective of supplying secure and reliable power to hospitals that have pitiable access to grid electricity in the African nation.

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In favor of all of the positives in the switch to solar energy, it is difficult to find more dignified causes than providing off-grid solutions to very important public services in regions with poor electricity access.

This is the aim of Eltek’s main project in Zimbabwe under the umbrella of the UNDP.

The Norwegian company, which is a Delta Group Company, will convey, install, and then tune-up and monitor arrays for 104 hospitals in the African state.

Amusingly, the arrays will consist of Eltek’s Rectiverter technology, which merges the functions of a rectifier and an inverter, with all installations estimated to be done during summer 2017.

The project is a part of the “solar for health programme” within the UNDP, endeavoring to electrifying health institutions in Africa, the Arab States, and Central Asia. The UNDP, as an overriding objective, aims at doing away with poverty and reducing inequity and segregation.

This particular mission will aid to realize all of these goals by providing secure and reliable electricity to these hospitals, which are located in places with no, or poor, access to the grid.

“This agreement symbolizes a fresh and exhilarating area for Eltek and our technology,” remarked Morten Schøyen, Chief Marketing Officer at Eltek. “It makes us proud to work together with UNDP and to contribute to enhanced health care and lower operational cost, by providing clean and reliable renewable energy.”

‘’Eltek already has knowledge in rural electrification, and know directly the impact access to electrical power makes in small societies. Now we have an opportunity to make an even larger impact.’’


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